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Who is Your Favourite Literary Romance Couple?

I was asked this question quite a while ago and to be honest, I have struggled to answer it.  I don’t think I can pick just one couple to be my favourite.  I have read so many books through my time, it’s not an easy task.

  1. Romeo and Juliet
  2. Cathy and Heathcliffe
  3. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy
  4. Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun (The Notebook)
  5. Harry and Suzie (100 Proposals by Holly Martin)
  6. Rosie Dunn and Alex Stewart (Where Rainbows End)
  7. Holly and Gerry (P.S. I Love You)
  8. Grace and Charlie (Letters from Lighthouse Cottage by Ali MacNamara)
  9. Lucy and Clay (Secrets of Maple Syrup Farm by Rebecca raisin)
  10. Christine Daae and The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera)

This list is not in preference, I find them all equal in the romance stakes.  I think I have a soft spot for those who don’t realise they are in love and it takes them forever (or to the end of the novel) to finally have their eyes opened.  It’s the journey between the two, that makes me want more.  I get frustrated with the characters for not seeing what is right in front of them sooner when everyone else around them can see it.

Whether the ending is predictable or not, it still brings tears to my eyes, especially when they have that first long-awaited kiss.

Do you have a favourite literary couple or are you like me and have many.