Halloween Greetings HappyMail

Halloween is not celebrated in the UK as much as it is in America.  A few years ago, I was in a group in Goodreads (not as active as I should be) and the talk of doing a Halloween Card Exchange came about.  What a great idea?  We would sign up and just before the ‘Witching Month’ all those that signed up would have to send a Halloween card or postcard to everyone on the list.  The cards could be homemade or bought and just before Halloween, greetings would be flying through the post.  I loved doing this, but I did struggle to find Halloween greeting cards in the UK.  I did order some online, but they had to be shipped from the USA.  I did have to wait for them to be delivered. 

The cards I received were amazing.  The first year I did the card exchange, I think there was about 20+ participants and I received cards from USA, Canada, France and the UK.  I displayed the cards until it was time to display Christmas Cards.

I couldn’t wait for the following year.  My mum makes cards so I asked her to make me some.  I asked for about 30 and I could not wait to write them out and post them to the numerous people.  I did this for a couple of years, but then it changed and I could not partake in the event. 

I still ask my mum to make me some cards, I now ask for 40 cards and over the years, I have been able to buy her certain Halloween crafts bits and bobs to help with the cards.  Why do I ask for 40 cards if I do not partake in the exchange? I hear you ask,  well instead I have quite a few penpals and friends thanks to the #BringBackPaper community, regardless of where they are in the world, I send them all a Halloween card. I don’ expect any back, but I know that those who receive do like the surprise as it is definitely not expected.

So I ask you this.  Would you like to receive a Halloween card from me or start up a Halloween card exchange?  If yes, send me your details and I will send you a little happymail or fill in the form to do an exchange.


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