I am Sharon Atkinson and I was born and raised in East London and now I reside in Essex. I have always been interested in poetry from an early age but only started to write my own since 2001. Since 2003 I have had 18 of my poems published in different anthologies including, “Poets of Greater London”, “Love in Ink”, “The Path of True Love” and “Daily Reflections 2005”, to mention but a few. These have been published via ForwardPress.

I have always given my time and shoulders to listen to others who needs to be consolidated and gently pushed in the right direction, I express concern and heartfelt feelings to those in need of time and space to cry and shed off loads of stress and upheaval in their lives.

As a writer, I write poems straight from the heart and reflect this in order to inspire readers with a different level of understanding and a feeling of the side that is not usually portrayed in your normal line of poems.

I get my inspiration and motivation to write from the people that surround me, my friends and family.

My poems have been heart-breaking as well as mystical and in many ways consist of a little bit of magic and wisdom, although I have many more years to travel through, which is a great conquest for me and my fans to look forward to more writing from me.

My next instalment of poetry, “Beyond Darkness” is a working progress and it expresses my love for poetry but from a deeper, darker gothic side with the sometimes romantic twist.

Along side the poetry I am working on my first novel which is proving challenging but fun. I also love  delving into the short stories, some of the dark influence and some with a more supernatural but romantic feel.  Some of which have been produced in anthologies raising money for charities.  Music is a big influence in my life and without it, I honestly think my writing would not be what it is today.

Needing discipline to sit myself down and actually do some writing, I was finding it hard.  So I started up a writing group locally where we meet once a month, exchange ideas and news and get some ink on paper.  Writing has become one of my main passions next to reading of course!


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