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The Handwritten Christmas Card

How many of you still send physical hand written Christmas cards? What is the feeling you feel when you receive one in the post?

I know how I feel when I receive a hand written card in the post, all warm and excited and a huge grin appears on my face. Exactly the same as when I receive hand written letters from penpals (yes these still exist and there are many people out there writing to each other on a regular basis). To some, this is unfortunately a dying art. A lot of people would just rather use social media as a means to send a message, this is great but it loses that personal touch.

There are so many shops out there that sell Christmas cards and a lot of charitable ones too. Every penny helps!

Last year I sent out over 100 Christmas cards just to Post Pals, a great charity to help put a smile on a poorly child’s face. Check the charity out and maybe spread a little extra Christmas cheer this year.

I also sent out quite a few to friends, family and penpals. Some are home-made cards, some are for different charities and some are just cosy looking Christmas cards. With all the cards I received back, they were placed on display all around the living room (and I still have them stored away).

With the way the country/world is going at the moment, I think there needs to be a bit of cheer spread around. If you would like to receive some Christmas joy through the post in the form of a Christmas card, drop me a message. Send me a DM, leave a comment or you can leave me a comment on twitter @SharonSAtkinson, or even leave me an email at  I will send a card to all who would genuinely like to receive one.

It’s early I know, but Merry Christmas all.


Christmas is Just Around The Corner

I know a lot of people are talking about Hallowe’en, but for those of you that know me, know that I am basically Mrs Santa Claus in disguise. I start planning Christmas presents from as early as January. Well, what I think is, if I see something that I know a friend or relative would like, I get it. I will only be disappointed if I go back a few months down the line and that certain gift is no longer available.

In the last couple of years, myself and Sally have a Christmas word and each letter represents a different present or presents. This year’s word is TINSEL.

We broke down the word as below:

T              –              Theme
Choose a certain theme that you know that person will like. Gift(s) must be related to that theme. It is not as easy as it sounds.

I               –              Internet
Items must be brought off the internet. We have to spend £7.50, no more and no less on as many items as we can for that amount. All must be wrapped separately. I have spent exactly £7.50 and I have managed to buy 15 items that relate to things I know Sally likes (well I hope she will like them).

N             –              New
This is an easy one. We have access to each other’s Amazon wish list and we get a gift or a few from that list.

S              –              Stationery
There is no year that goes by when we do not buy each other stationery. We are both addicts so this comes easy. It’s just remembering when to stop!

E              –              Eateries and Drinkies
You can’t very well have Christmas without a little sweetness. Sweets and possibly drink treats like flavoured coffees or hot cholates, or even flavour syrups to add to your favourite drink.

L              –              Love yourself
This is just a little love to give back to ourselves. Something to pamper us and make us relaxed.

Thing is, I wont actually stop there as Sally brought a new life into the world this year, so I also get to spoil a little one on her first Christmas. She already has a Christmas eve box of goodies, not including her actual Christmas gifts.

What would you get for each of the letters above?

I also take part in a couple of Secret Santa’s, and they are so much fun. I love spreading the Christmas cheer and finding little treats that I hope will light up someone’s life.

Do any of you part-take in Secret Santa? Tell me about it.