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10 Good Things About Having a Penpal

Yes, that’s right. I have a penpal, actually I have a few penpals from all over the globe and it never gets boring when the letters fall from my letterbox to the floor. I started writing to my best friend as we do not live near each other, regardless of whether we speak each day via WhatsApp or by phone, we still manage to surprise each other with letters and cards and the occasional gifts just because we were thinking of each other.

Here are my 10 good things about having a penpal.

    1. Meeting new people and making new friends
      This speaks for itself. It is always good to meet new people and through a trail of handwritten letters, those new people do become your friends. They are just as excited as you at the prospect of opening a letter addressed to them and reading the words that you have written down.
    2. Receiving handwritten mail through the post is exciting and fun
      We all get those brown envelopes that normally tell us that we owe money for some sort of bill, they are just boring and unfortunately part of life. Can you imagine the happiness and the smile that appears on your face when you see a pretty envelope with your name on it and you know that whatever is in that envelope, is going to continue to make you smile as you read with great interest what your penpal has to tell you.
    3. Learning about the different places your penpals come from
      I have penpals from different parts of the UK like Scotland, Wales, Yorkshire and all over the world like USA, Australia, Canada, Sweden to mention but a few. Some places I will probably never visit, but to learn about these places from what your penpals tell you about their home towns, the different festivals and traditions that take place, gives you a more in-depth view of these wonderful places than what you can read online. It makes you interested in places that you may not have been before.
    4. Exchanging goodies/gifts etc.
      When exchanging letters with penpals, more often than not, they are not just letters. Inside are goodies like stationery, washi tapes, stickers, tea or coffee sachets and I also return the gestures with little bits for them to enjoy. With the friendship that we have built up, we also often send small gifts for birthdays and Christmas and it is such a lovely feeling, that you know someone else is thinking of you on your special days and sharing with you the fun and celebrations.mail 2
    5. Gives you time to have some “me time” from a busy day, to enjoy your letter
      This is important. I know that when I get home from a very long day at work and there is mail waiting for me, the first thing I do is take my coat off, sit down and read the letter or letters. Just a little “me time” to enjoy the adventures of what I am being told of what my penpal has been up to since the last letter they sent me.mail 1
    6. You can get new stationery to fill with your adventures to share. Decorating the envelopes.
      Not that I need an excuse to buy more stationery, but it certainly is a good excuse. That feeling of writing on a new writing set, with all different colours to brighten your penpals days. Its also good if the envelope is decorated somehow, whether it be with stickers, magazine pictures of washi tape. You and your penpal both know that time and effort has gone into the letter for each to enjoy.mail 3
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    7. The keepsakes of the letters become memories
      I have storage boxes that I now getting quite full with the letters that I have received. It is nice to look back on the earlier letters that you have received and relive the memories. I know I will not be throwing any out and when I have a low day, I can look back over some of those letters and smile again.
    8. Keeps you motivated instead of sending electronic mail and forgetting how to write / encourages creativity
      We can all send emails, but I don’t think it has the same warm fuzzy feeling. I admit, I do get some typed letters, but they have still been sent via snailmail. By writing (or typing for some) the letters, it keeps you motivated. We seem to sometimes forget how to write as we are on electronic devices all the time. The handwritten letters, keeps your mind creating wonderful new ideas to send on.
    9. It makes you want to do interesting things, so you can tell your penpal about them
      You have to keep your penpal interested so you will physically do things, like long walks in parks and take pictures of the lovely views and the colourful flowers that are in bloom. Visit different places that you would not normally do, sometimes on the recommendation of your penpal. A few of my penpals have crafting or writing in common and we all share different ideas amongst each other. It never gets boring and it is great for your mental health.
    10. That feeling when they reply to your letter
      I know how I feel when I receive a reply to my letter or I receive a new letter from a new penpal. I feel warm and happy and I hope they feel the same when they receive my letter. I even have to phone my partner to find out if I have any mail.

BONUS: One day getting to possibly meet your penpal.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to one day meet your penpal who you have been writing to for many years? I would love to meet with mine if I ever get the chance. It wouldn’t be awkward because we already know them.

I hope this has opened your eyes a little bit about the joys of having a penpal and gets you in the mood to start writing those lovely letters for eyes to feast upon.  Tell me your experiences.