Hello and Welcome to my Words and Woes


Hello there. Welcome to my world.  I thought it was about time that I opened up my mad little world and let you all in.  I am aiming to fill you in on my mad ramblings, some of my creative writing, what I am reading and the odd author interview here and there, and possibly anything that comes floating in my direction.  From the East End of London to the middle of a quiet little Essex town and before you ask, no.  I am not your typical “Essex girl” and I am definitely not a T.O.W.I.E.  I am of the alternative genre, some would say “The only goth in the village”, even though now after seven years here, I have started to see more following the alternative style.

When I am not here, you may find me on twitter @SharonSAtkinson with my extended family and friends and definitely with the “Crazy Cat Ladies”.  If I am not there, I am either writing, reading or earning a living actually working, you see by day I am a medical PA on a very famous street in London.


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