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Way back in April (I can only apologise sincerely for how long it has taken me), the lovely Jadyn Knight, tagged me in a blog hop.  I promised her I would partake in this when I had my website up and running.  Now I cannot hide anymore.  Please forgive me, this is my first ever one!!

1. What writerly endeavours am I currently working on?
I have so many WIP’s halfway through at present, but I am concentrating on finishing my first novella/novel (depending on how long it turns out).  It’s a Christmas romance that will hopefully be filled (by the time it’s finally finished) with all the Christmas cheer and enough gooey love to make you believe in the magic of Christmas.  Also, I hope it will make you all brave enough to attempt the yummy scrummy recipes that will be in it.  You can’t have Christmas without home baked cookies.

2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?
In all fairness, I don’t rightly know.  Every one has their own style of writing.  Every piece of work differs.  The theme may be similar to others, but the rest is all me.  That is just how I write.

3. Why do I write what I write?
I write what I write, because the way my brain rattles around, it’s better to get it written down on paper, before I lose in the darkness that x-rays would call my brain.  I feel comfortable with what I write and I suppose, I am just a big romantic at heart, bursting to share my love to one and all.

4. How does my writing process work?
I put pen to paper (I am old fashioned like that) and I write. As Stephen King says, “One word at a time”.  I get a lot of my ideas/inspiration by people watching and imaging them as different characters in a story, especially one of my own stories.  I always carry a notebook and pen with me, no matter where I go.  Once the rough idea is down on paper, I just let my hands do the rest.  Sometimes the brain helps and talks to the hands.  I write where I can and when I can, be it on the train to and from work, my lunch break or at home when everybody else is in bed.  I can let my imagination run riot, but I have to say, I cannot work in complete silence.  I do need to have my music playing in the background.


There you have it.  Me in a nutshell.  Now I am passing it over to four more lovely writers.


Rebecca Raisin  @jaxandwillsmum
Chris Brown        @ChrisChetal73 
Nicky Wells         @WellsNicky
Dan Thompson   @dan_pentagram 



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