New Year, New Writing Resolutions

People often make New Year’s resolutions a minute after midnight on 1st January, then by 00.15, most of them have already been broken.  I am not going to tell you that ‘I will do this or that, I will say at least this, I can but TRY, with my resolutions.  If I have tried, then I have not broken any resolutions.

1  Try to make time to write a little each day.  I will aim for at least 30 minutes a day, anything over that is a complete bonus.

2  Try to complete an unfinished piece of written work.

3  Try to keep a writing diary/journal and keep it up to date.

4  Try to read more.  As Stephen King says, to write well you must read.

5  Try and submit work to publishers/magazines etc.  Keep a record of what submitted and who to.

6  Try and be proud of what I achieve.

7  Try to attend some more writers/authors festivals, including The London Book Fair.

8  Try to enter writing competitions, even if only for the experience and more creative ideas.

9  Try to attend / hold another writing retreat.

10  Try my hand at studying again.

The last one is already in progress, I have applied to do my English Literature A Level.  Have always wanted to do this, I just wish I had done it at college when I had the chance.

I think 10 points is a good place to start with.  Do you have any resolutions for this year?


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