The Path I Choose

I started writing in 2001.  Well, I suppose I have always done some form of writing, but actually sat down and wrote properly in 2001.  A friend told me that my stories should be heard.  I started my first blog and believe it or not, I managed to write every day.  Sometimes it was poetry, sometimes it was my daily events or just my mumblings in general.  To be fair, it was whatever came into my mind and I felt I needed to share with the world, whether they wanted to read it or not.

I worked for the RNIB at the time on reception.  With an earpiece in, it was easy to write or type my ramblings and still be able to look professional.  Multi-tasking is an absolute must.

I got held up at a train station (due to delays as per usual – nothing has changed), so to kill some time, I wandered into a WH Smith and bought my first ever copy of Writing Magazine.  It opened my eyes even further.  I was hooked and furthermore, I was inspired.  I became more passionate about the written word.

I got my first poem published in an anthology.  To say that I was over the moon was an understatement.  The best part was, I was seeing my name and work in print in a physical form and not just on the screen of my PC.  There was no better feeling, well to me there wasn’t.

16 years on, I have had 16+ poems published in several anthologies, but I also have two collections of my poems, which I have self-published, a collaboration with fellow author Chris Brown and a short story.  Not to mention two charitable anthologies of short stories and poems.  I started up my own writing group for fellow writers with a passion for the written word.  I have both physical and virtual members (for those who live too far to attend any of the meetings).  We have a great time and the inspiration bounces from one person to the other.

Has my passion gone or is it stronger than ever?

With the number of notebooks I have floating around the home, I can honestly say the passion is, even more, stronger now than it has ever been.  I have my first novel completed and several more started.  Let’s say that my ideas book, is filling up nicely.  I have approached publishers.

Am I upset about rejections that I have received? Absolutely not.  If anything, it has given me, even more, passion to follow my dreams.  Writing and naturally reading will be with me until the day I die.   I am surrounded by characters, careful, you may find yourself on the page of one of my future novels.

Apparently, word has got out, I have been asked to hold a writing workshop in October for the Thurrock Writing Festival.  It’s a little nerve-wracking but who am I to deny a little inspiration on anyone? If you are around on 28th October in Grays, Essex, you should pop along and say Hi.  Don’t worry, I don’t bite.

One last thing.  Are you passionate about something, like I am about writing?  Do you have a dream?

If you answered YES to the last two questions, then believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams.  If you fall at the first hurdle, get up, brush yourself down and keep going.


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