Writing Challenge

The challenge this time was to write a poem and include the following items in it.

Fountain Pen
Tea Party
Old Fashioned Phonebox

I apologise to my fellow team that it has taken me a while to get this entered on her for you.  Here is my interpretation.

Return to Wonderland

She leaned against the old oak tree
As she wrote her stories down
Using the fountain pen she had accidentally borrowed
From the Queen of Hearts herself

Looking up for just a second
An array of colours appeared before her
She watched for a while before it vanished
The peacock had jumped down the rabbit hole

She got up and traced its steps
Standing for a second or two at the edge
She braced herself, took a breath and jumped
Here goes another adventure

She tumbled and fell, deep into the hole
Hitting the bottom with a little bump
Opening her eyes, a redness was seen before her
An old-fashioned phone box, a doorway she walked through

Alice, you came back, the voices chorused
This tea party is our treat just for you
Don’t leave without saying goodbye this time
For our adventures are just about to begin.




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