A Witch’s Confession

I have come to terms with my destiny
Even though it is you who chose it for me
What made you turn against me?
When I only ever showed you love

You’ve listened to the words of others
But ignored what your heart truly knew
If I have ever caused anyone harm
Then take my soul from me now

Do I look like the Witch I am meant to be?
Or am I the person you chose to love?
Neither matters to you now
You are doing what you have to do

Before my destiny finally comes to end
I wish to make one last confession to all
Yes I believe the Wicca ways
And all that is said in the Witch’s Creed

I have never cast a spell of evil
But gave you all love and good health 
My seed has been planted
But to whom you will never know

You’ve all cast your own spell now
That will send me straight to the depths of hell
But listen closely, as you’ll hear my haunting cries
On the eve you took my life away.


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