WWW Writing Group

Just over a year ago (May 2013), I started up a writing group.  I needed to firstly, discipline myself to sit my butt down and actually do some writing.  So the WWW (The World of Writers Write) was born.  We have a small group that meets up on a monthly basis and we also have virtual members that are unable to attend meetings but still join in with writing projects and entering the monthly competitions.  There is a prize for every winner and everyone in the group gets to vote for their favourite to win (all names are taken out, so there is no biased voting).  I like everything to be fair.

We like to explore different genres of writing and different styles of writing.  We are writers with a passion.  There is quite a buzz flying around the group at present, as there are a few lucky fellows who have been accepted for publication.  Watch this space for release dates and more info on our wonderful authors.
Would you like to join us and be part of our family?  We would love to have you, either in the flesh or as a virtual member.
I produce a monthly newsletter to let everyone know what is happening within the group and if any of the members have a problem or a question, it is sent to the whole group for feedback.  I feel this helps us all and that way we all stay in touch.  No one is perfect, but we do all share the same passion.  Get in touch if you fancy your hand at a little writing.  You may even win one of the competitions.

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