50 Shades of Pleasantly Surprised

It’s Valentine’s day, am I snuggled up romantically, sharing this day with my fiancé? No.  I am at the cinema with a girlfriend awaiting the long anticipated 50 Shades of Grey to start.

Did I enjoy the books? Well I read all three instalments within a week.  I would say that I enjoyed the books, to a certain point.  They did get a bit ‘samey’ , but there was an underlying story evolving from it.

Am I excited to be seeing the film? No!  So why am I not excited for the film I hear you ask.  I know I should make my own opinion about the film, but I did read the critics reviews from the premiere and it did get slated.  Astronomically!  Surely they had read the books and knew what to expect?

E.L. James never denied the fact that 50 Shades was fan fiction based on the Twilight series.  It is fan fiction with a little bit more erotica than people are used to.  Absolutely nothing wrong with erotica finally coming through into the limelight.  Thank you E.L James for opening the door and showing the path to other erotica writers.

Why was the film slated and had protestors at the premiere for domestic violence?  This is NOT true!  BDSM is not domestic violence, especially when both parties are consenting to the activities.  BDSM does not mean a kiss and a tickle; with the millions of books and ebooks sold worldwide, people should realise this.  If BDSM is an activity that you are not comfortable with, then maybe you should not have gone to see the film.

When I watched the film, I was, I have to admit, glued to the screen.  The books came flooding back to me, I relaxed and enjoyed the film.  I apologise to Mr Jamie Dornan, as I may be one of the very few (if not the only one) who did not give a lot of sex appeal to me.  He played the part well according to the books, but just did nothing for me, personally.

As they say, never judge a book by its cover, maybe you should make your own minds up about the film, just as I have.

I was pleasantly surprised and all I can say is, roll on the next two instalments.


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