Kissing the Rain

As part of a monthly writing challenge within the writing group that I attend, the actual challenge was, write a blurb for the back of a book for the title “Kissing the Rain”.  All I did was stand in front of stack of books in my local library, close my eyes and point my finger.  Kissing the Rain is the book I landed on.

At first I struggled, even though it was me that came up with the challenge.  Then I sat there, five minutes before the deadline, with Country music playing in the background – Don’t judge me!  The soothing sounds of “Blake Shelton” came on and apart from melting listening to his seductive voice, from the time the song started to the time it finished, I had written my challenge piece.

Kissing the Rain
After splitting from her boyfriend of four years, Siobhan embarks on the journey of a lifetime.  

Following her heart and the love of country music, Siobhan with her rucksack of clothes and her cherished acoustic guitar, she buys herself a one way ticket to Nashville, Tennessee.   

With no plan of action, Siobhan busks around Nashville to get what money she can, singing her own songs, the way she wants to sing them.

Kissing the Rain is the one song that changes Siobhan’s life forever.  From busking on the streets to singing the stage of The Bluebird Café and the Grand Ole Opry. 

Will the journey and the fame be everything Siobhan ever dreamed of, or will it prove to be the biggest mistake of her life?

I feel possibly another romance coming on, influenced by the sounds of Nashville.  Watch this space!


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