My 2017 Writing Goals/Resolutions

I do try and make writing resolutions or goals every year.  Do I keep to them?  I do try.

I don’t write, “I will” do this or do that.  That is the quickest way to fail and break all resolutions.  (now I am mirroring what I wrote last year.  At least I am consistent.)  I normally write, “I will try…”, that way if I fail, I have still tried.  So in fairness, I haven’t failed at all.

So what are my goals for 2017? Pretty similar the previous year, if I am honest.

  1. I will TRY to write more.  Whether it be everyday or only at weekends or even on the train to and from work, I will have my notebook and pen to hand for when the inspiration grabs me.
  2. I will TRY to finish at least two of my unfinished pieces of work.  This will be anything from my novels (have about 5 unfinished) or my short stories.
  3. I will TRY to enter writing competitions.  I know this is probably an easy one, but is it really?  Deadlines come and go.  It’s just the remembering to actually send the entries off on time.
  4. I will TRY to read more.  Not just novels, but maybe a few non-fiction books as well.  Especially “How To…” books like “How to Write a Novella in 24 Hours”.  I got this as a Christmas present so I have actually started to read it already.
  5. I will TRY to attend more writing events.  Well I have two written in the diary already. Go me!  The London Book Fair in March at London Olympia.  To show how serious I am with my writing and reading this year, I have become a member of the RSL (Royal Society of Literature) and I have signed up to attend one of their Masterclasses on the art of the Short Stories in February.
  6. I will TRY and keep my website updated.  Unfortunately this is the one I normally fail on.

So did you set any writing resolutions or goals this year?  Have you broken any already?


1 thought on “My 2017 Writing Goals/Resolutions

  1. chocolatepages

    Sounds like a very sensible thing to write ‘I will try’ that way you’re right you won’t fail. I haven’t made any resolutions apart from my goodreads one which was only set at 35 so I can enjoy the books rather than feel pressured to read. I hope you enjoy reaching your goals.
    Amanda xx



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