Hidden Treasures

On Saturday (14th January), I met up with my work colleague (and friend) for my belated birthday treat to her.

We met at Marble Arch tube station and decided to walk through Hyde Park to get to where we were meant to be going, sparkling afternoon tea in a lovely hotel.  There was certainly a chill in the air, my cheeks were rosy red and cold to the touch, but that aside, it was quite a beautiful day.

Squirrels were jumping around in the fallen leaves, searching for some nuts/food they had already buried and they were be quite brave, coming up pretty close to the people who were out for a walk.  The obviously assumed the humans had more food for them.  Crafty little things!

My friend and I were too busy chatting away and watching the squirrels and soaking up the scenery to realise we were veering off track, so leaving Hyde Park by one of the side gates along side of one of the gate-keeper houses, we were back on the main road and heading in the right direction.

Something caught my eye as we were walking. Very old tiny gravestones.  Upon getting a closer look, well as close as possible with an iron fence between us.  They were the gravestones of loved, departed pets.  The pet cemetery itself was only small, but you could read some of the names, unfortunately most of them were worn with age.  I never knew it was there, but it was so lovely to see and makes me feel glad that I am not the only one who is mad about their pet, who rightly are a member of the family.

We had almost reached our destination and just as we were about to cross the road, out of the corner of my eye, fountains and ponds jumped into my view.

Upon taking a closer look there were ducks happily swimming around and actually following each other across the ponds.  Now obviously I have hear of Kensington Gardens, but I had no idea we had actually walked there via Hyde Park.  It was a vision of beauty.

If you’re out and about for some reason, look out for the hidden treasures that you may have taken for granted on your journeys.  Drink it up.

Remember, always have something to record it, be it a phone with a camera or even a camera on its own.  You wont be disappointed when you look back and show others what you have seen.


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