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I Walked All Over Cancer…

Well, I like to think I did.

Cancer.  It’s a truly horrible word.  In 2016, my 40th year, bad news hit with abundance.  First, my beautiful step-daughter spent her 16th birthday in hospital.  She had noticed a lump on her shoulder.  It turned out to she had a rare form of cancer.  SHe had major surgery.  Thankfully she is now cancer free.  A few months later, my dad was diagnosed with the awful disease.  My dad’s was in the blood, but where he had a sore throat, it attacked the weakest spot.  After months of chemotherapy and numerous scans, he was told he was in remission.  Great news for both of them and all the rest of the family.

My step-daughter is turning 18 in May and is still cancer free.

In February 2018, my dad was unwell and a lump had appeared in his mouth.  It was thought to be an abscess.  Unfortunately, it was a mass.  The cancer was back and more aggressive than before.

Cancer Research UK, was advertising about their campaign to ‘walk all over cancer’.  They wanted people to walk 10,000 steps per day for the whole month of March.  So by the 31st of March, we should have done 310,000 steps.

I could do this I thought.  I signed up.  I have had no training.  I know walking is something I was taught from an early age, but I am unfit now (unfortunately).  I work, sitting at a desk all day, not to mention the two hours of travelling each way, to actually get to and from work.  So it is hard.  I was just about clearing 8,000 steps before and on the weekends, I would be lucky if I even cleared about 500 steps.  I have my steps on my phone and do not always remember to pick it up to record my steps.

I had to do this.  This was for cancer.  This was for my dad and step-daughter and for all the others out there, being struck with this deadly disease.

1stof March came round and I actually wasn’t at work.  I would be walking around London with my bestie for her birthday.  I smashed the 10,000 steps.  I actually managed 12,908.  I was extremely proud of myself.  One day down, another thirty to go.

I started walking to the station, instead of getting a cab (unless it was raining or snowing).  There were still work days to conquer.  I would actually have to take a lunch break and venture outside to go for a walk.

After work, it was walking the back streets to the second tube station, instead of walking to the end of the road to the first tube station.  This was giving me an additional 2,000 steps.  I was going to succeed.  The only thing was, how do I record my daily steps?  I couldn’t see anywhere on the Cancer Research website.  People were sponsoring me, I needed proof.  I took a screenshot of my phone every day for 31 days.

I was hoping it would help me lose a little bit of weight.  I don’t think I have lost any weight, but it has helped me sleep better.  I honestly feel better in myself.

My total steps for 31 days is 324,808.

I will continue to keep walking, it’s definitely helping me health wise.  To say I am proud of what I have achieved is an understatement,

Thank you for coming on this journey with me.  Hopefully, the money raised will help to eventually find a cure for this horrible disease that takes so many lives from us.

If you would like to donate, please go to my Justgiving page, no matter how small or how large the donation, it all helps and hopefully it will make a difference.

Thank You!


Who is Your Favourite Literary Romance Couple?

I was asked this question quite a while ago and to be honest, I have struggled to answer it.  I don’t think I can pick just one couple to be my favourite.  I have read so many books through my time, it’s not an easy task.

  1. Romeo and Juliet
  2. Cathy and Heathcliffe
  3. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy
  4. Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun (The Notebook)
  5. Harry and Suzie (100 Proposals by Holly Martin)
  6. Rosie Dunn and Alex Stewart (Where Rainbows End)
  7. Holly and Gerry (P.S. I Love You)
  8. Grace and Charlie (Letters from Lighthouse Cottage by Ali MacNamara)
  9. Lucy and Clay (Secrets of Maple Syrup Farm by Rebecca raisin)
  10. Christine Daae and The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera)

This list is not in preference, I find them all equal in the romance stakes.  I think I have a soft spot for those who don’t realise they are in love and it takes them forever (or to the end of the novel) to finally have their eyes opened.  It’s the journey between the two, that makes me want more.  I get frustrated with the characters for not seeing what is right in front of them sooner when everyone else around them can see it.

Whether the ending is predictable or not, it still brings tears to my eyes, especially when they have that first long-awaited kiss.

Do you have a favourite literary couple or are you like me and have many.

Writing Challenge

The challenge this time was to write a poem and include the following items in it.

Fountain Pen
Tea Party
Old Fashioned Phonebox

I apologise to my fellow team that it has taken me a while to get this entered on her for you.  Here is my interpretation.

Return to Wonderland

She leaned against the old oak tree
As she wrote her stories down
Using the fountain pen she had accidentally borrowed
From the Queen of Hearts herself

Looking up for just a second
An array of colours appeared before her
She watched for a while before it vanished
The peacock had jumped down the rabbit hole

She got up and traced its steps
Standing for a second or two at the edge
She braced herself, took a breath and jumped
Here goes another adventure

She tumbled and fell, deep into the hole
Hitting the bottom with a little bump
Opening her eyes, a redness was seen before her
An old-fashioned phone box, a doorway she walked through

Alice, you came back, the voices chorused
This tea party is our treat just for you
Don’t leave without saying goodbye this time
For our adventures are just about to begin.



Writing Challenge: Fear

On Monday, a small challenge was set by Sally Holtham.  Write up to 250 words on ‘Fear’.  Here is my take on that challenge.

The surrounding air turned icy cold.  My breath exhaled, was visible even at a distance.  The small hairs on my arms and back of the neck are standing to attention.

The echo of footsteps from behind, sound closer than they really are.  The knots within my body are getting tighter and tighter as I can feel the presence of another.  If I continue to walk at my pace, hoping that the footsteps behind me don’t catch up, what would they do if they did?

My heart races and my feet feel like they are wearing boots of cement.  I won’t move faster, I can’t move faster, but they feel to me like they have already stopped.

They are closer.  My heart is racing and my breath is caught in my throat.  I can hear the material of their clothes rubbing together as they are faster approaching me.

I freeze.  My feet won’t move another step.  I hold what breath I have left.  He walks past me, rushing to get out of the rain.  My fear was for nothing, but it was definitely there.

The Path I Choose

I started writing in 2001.  Well, I suppose I have always done some form of writing, but actually sat down and wrote properly in 2001.  A friend told me that my stories should be heard.  I started my first blog and believe it or not, I managed to write every day.  Sometimes it was poetry, sometimes it was my daily events or just my mumblings in general.  To be fair, it was whatever came into my mind and I felt I needed to share with the world, whether they wanted to read it or not.

I worked for the RNIB at the time on reception.  With an earpiece in, it was easy to write or type my ramblings and still be able to look professional.  Multi-tasking is an absolute must.

I got held up at a train station (due to delays as per usual – nothing has changed), so to kill some time, I wandered into a WH Smith and bought my first ever copy of Writing Magazine.  It opened my eyes even further.  I was hooked and furthermore, I was inspired.  I became more passionate about the written word.

I got my first poem published in an anthology.  To say that I was over the moon was an understatement.  The best part was, I was seeing my name and work in print in a physical form and not just on the screen of my PC.  There was no better feeling, well to me there wasn’t.

16 years on, I have had 16+ poems published in several anthologies, but I also have two collections of my poems, which I have self-published, a collaboration with fellow author Chris Brown and a short story.  Not to mention two charitable anthologies of short stories and poems.  I started up my own writing group for fellow writers with a passion for the written word.  I have both physical and virtual members (for those who live too far to attend any of the meetings).  We have a great time and the inspiration bounces from one person to the other.

Has my passion gone or is it stronger than ever?

With the number of notebooks I have floating around the home, I can honestly say the passion is, even more, stronger now than it has ever been.  I have my first novel completed and several more started.  Let’s say that my ideas book, is filling up nicely.  I have approached publishers.

Am I upset about rejections that I have received? Absolutely not.  If anything, it has given me, even more, passion to follow my dreams.  Writing and naturally reading will be with me until the day I die.   I am surrounded by characters, careful, you may find yourself on the page of one of my future novels.

Apparently, word has got out, I have been asked to hold a writing workshop in October for the Thurrock Writing Festival.  It’s a little nerve-wracking but who am I to deny a little inspiration on anyone? If you are around on 28th October in Grays, Essex, you should pop along and say Hi.  Don’t worry, I don’t bite.

One last thing.  Are you passionate about something, like I am about writing?  Do you have a dream?

If you answered YES to the last two questions, then believe in yourself and never give up on your dreams.  If you fall at the first hurdle, get up, brush yourself down and keep going.

Excerpt from Novel

I have been sitting on this for quite a while now, but thought I would share with you the first three chapters of my debut novel.  I know it mentions Christmas, but it’s never too early.

It’s called, “The Cookie Coffee Shop at Christmas”, I hope you enjoy and I will appreciate any comments/feedback that you wish to offer.


Sam James sat next to his mother Elizabeth in the Solicitor’s waiting room.  He checked his watch. Waiting patiently for Mr Pollock to open his door and let them into his office.  His Aunt, Margaret Thompson, had passed away earlier that year. Breast cancer.  Sam, shook his head, the family had thought she was in remission after she’d had her operation.

Sam sat there staring at the slightly off white walls.  There was a rather lonely potted yucca tree, in the corner of the room and a large painting of a coastline under the moonlight on the wall opposite.  The ticking of the clock echoed around the almost silent room.  His mother gripped his hand and squeezed gently.  The door finally opened and Mr Pollock, his aunt’s Solicitor stepped into the waiting room.

He offered Elizabeth, his condolences and then shook Sam’s hand. “Hello, I’m Alex Pollock and I am acting on behalf of Mrs Margaret Thompson.  If you would both follow me and take a seat.”

Mr Pollock led them into his office.  The only difference from his office to the waiting room, was the desk at the end of the room.  He closed the door behind him.

“Please let me start by saying again, how very sorry I am for your loss.  Margaret was such a lovely person and quite a character, if you don’t mind me saying.  Whenever we would meet up, she was always smiling and loved having a little chat and a joke.  Sorry, I’m rambling.  If you are both comfortable, we shall begin.”

Mr Pollock opened up a brown manila folder and took out several papers and cleared his throat slightly before reading the contents of Margaret’s will aloud.

“This is the reading of the last will and testament of Margaret Jean Thompson, on the 26th day of October 2013.  I the undersigned, Margaret Jean Thompson of 24a The Boulevard, Aldoak, Essex hereby declare this to be my will and revoke all previous wills or testamentary writings made by me.

I nominate my sister, Elizabeth Catherine James of 304 Hampton Mews, London, to be the executor of my estate.  I direct that my estate and wishes shall devolve as follows:

I bequeath (after dear Mr Pollock has taken his fee) that the sum of £6000 be equally divided between the charities of Breast Cancer UK, Prostate Cancer and the RSPCA.

The sum of £3000 to Aldoak Primary School, Aldoak, Essex, so they can finally get their new mini-bus that they so desperately need.  If there is any money left after that, it is to go towards some new books for the school library.

I bequeath £3000 to my dear friend and neighbour Holly Walker, of The Cookie Coffee Shop in Aldoak.  Also, £500 to my wonderful little helper, Miss Evie Walker, daughter of Holly Walker.”

Mr Pollock, paused glancing briefly at Sam, “I bequeath my beloved bookshop, ‘The Bookcase’, and the flat above, with all its contents to my only nephew, Sam Michael James.  He can do with it as he pleases as long as he at least gives it a try first.  I also advise him to make sure he samples the coffee and the cookies next door at Holly’s.  That is an absolute must, he won’t be disappointed!

After my special bequests, I leave the residue of my estate to my wonderful twin sister, Elizabeth Catherine James.  This is all my shares, plus the sum of £75,000.  One wish I do demand, is that she takes her lovely husband Peter on that world cruise she has always dreamed of.  Also, that she takes my ashes with her and release them somewhere over the Caribbean.  That way the ocean can take me to all the places I have only ever dreamed of visiting.  I just couldn’t leave my precious shop in order to visit such wonderful places.”

Sam watched as his mother wiped a tear from her eye as Mr Pollock finished by listing the various witnesses and particulars.

Mr Pollock stopped reading and looked up at Sam and his mother, who sat there motionless, looking back at Mr Pollock.  Both appeared slightly stunned at what they had just heard.

“I will need your signatures here.”  He pointed to the spaces on the document and handed over a pen to Elizabeth.  “Once this is signed, I can then give you both your rightful envelopes.”

“Our envelopes?”  Sam asked reaching for the pen.

“Yes.  Your envelope with the keys to the shop and flat in Aldoak, and yours” he addressed Elizabeth, “has a cheque and all the original documents regarding Margaret’s shares.”

“I thought we would have to wait quite a while longer before we got any form of documents. This is quite unexpected, but greatly appreciated.”  Elizabeth said.

“No.  You can take it away with you today.  That is why it took a while for the reading to actually happen.  For that, I do apologise.  The cheques for the other beneficiaries will be posted out on Monday, next week.  All I have left to do now, is bid you both good luck with your new adventures and Mrs James, please enjoy that luxury world cruise.  I am quite jealous, if I do say so myself.”

Sam and his mother thanked Mr Pollock for his time and left his office.  They made their way to a coffee house nearby, before they both spoke again.

Sam ordered two latte’s and took them over to where his mum was seated.  She was staring out of the window at nothing in particular.  He sat down placing the drinks on the table.  He took the envelope from his inside coat pocket.  He opened it and took the keys out, he stared at them unsure what to make of it all.

“Well I do have a bit of holiday time owing me.” Sam said, “so it looks like I maybe going on a road trip. Are you OK mum?”

Elizabeth looked at Sam, after blowing on to her latte and taking a sip. “I’m fine love. Just trying to take it all in. So when do you think you’ll be leaving for Aldoak?”

“I think maybe another two weeks, that should give me enough time to finish the job I’m working on and tie up any loose ends.”

Sam stirred some sugar into his latte before taking a mouthful. “I have to admit,” Same began, “I don’t know the first thing about running a book shop.  I know I already work for myself, but this seems a lot different. I will give it a try, but I think I will look into selling it.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t jump so fast.” Elizabeth said, “You never know, you may be a natural and it could be your calling.  You’ve always loved your books. You should keep your options open.  I remember you saying, how bored you are with the hum drum of London.” Elizabeth paused, took another sip of her latte, “Look at it as a new adventure or the next chapter in one of your books.  A time to move on, leave the past behind you.”

Sam slipped the keys back into the envelope and placed it in his pocket.




Christmas.  It was Holly Walker’s favourite time of the year. It brought with it happy and sad memories.  With only six weeks until the big day, it was fast approaching and business was picking up.

Holly owned the ‘Cookie Coffee Shop’ and lived, with her daughter Evie in the flat above.

Holly glanced at Evie, watching her sleep for a moment, before gently trying to wake her. “Evie, sweetie.  It’s time to get up.”

“Oh, do I have to? It’s so warm here.” Evie said, from under the duvet.

“Come on young lady, you’ve got school.  Your porridge is almost ready.  What do you fancy with it today, Strawberry jam, honey or chocolate?”

“Chocolate please,” said the muffled voice.

Holly left Evie to get herself washed and dressed and went back to her little kitchen.  Ten minutes later, Evie appeared, dressed in her school uniform with her long brown hair all over the place.  The porridge was waiting for her at the breakfast bar and Holly was standing against it, sipping her coffee and writing out her list of things to do for the day.

“Is there anything special you would like to do for your birthday this year Evie? It’s not too far away?  Eight years old already.  It seems like only yesterday I held you in my arms for the first time.”  Holly said as Evie spooned some porridge into her mouth.

Evie swallowed her mouthful of food before speaking, “I don’t mind if we just sit in and wait for Santa.”  Evie said with a little sadness in her voice. She kept her eyes facing down, staring at her bowl of porridge.

“Hey, why are you so sad?  I could understand it if you were my age.”  Holly said with a slight giggle. “You’re going to be eight years old, I’m sure there is something special you would like to do with some of your friends?”

Evie put another spoonful of porridge into her mouth and swallowed. “But, Mummy, it’s Christmas Eve.  Plus it’s also the same day as the Christmas dance and everyone goes to that.  That makes it feel like a big party just for me.”

Holly put her coffee down and watched as Evie finished off her breakfast.  “Well, we can always do something before the dance, maybe a week or so before.  That way you can celebrate it twice, just like the Queen has two birthdays.”  This cheered Evie up a little bit and a smile started to appear across her face.  “You have a think about it while you’re at school and let me know.  It will still be a very special day for you.  I promise, I’ll make sure of it.”

Holly walked over to Evie and placed a kiss on the top of her head.  Holly felt a pang in her heart.  So young, yet she had been through so much.

Evie’s father Jack, had died when she was just a baby and she had never really had a father figure in her life.  She of course had her grandfather, who naturally spoilt her rotten, but she didn’t see him every day.   All Evie had ever known, was herself and her mother.

“Go clean your teeth and brush that bed head of yours.  You cannot go to school looking like that.  Actually bring the brush and your hair bobble here, I can only try and make it look presentable.”  Holly finished twisting the elastic hair band around Evie’s ponytail, just in time as the doorbell rang.  Evie ran down the stairs to open the front door for her best friend Rosie and her mother, Louise.  Holly followed behind, buttoning her own coat up.

“Hi Lou.  Good morning Rosie.”

“Hi Holly.” Louise said, “I have to dash, the bus is due.  I’ll pick the girls up from school.”

“No problem.  You go, we’ll catch up later and have a coffee.”

Louise quickly bent down kissing Rosie on the cheek, before rushing in the direction of the bus stop. Rosie wiped the kiss straight off with her mitten covered hand.  Holly locked the front door and walked both girls, the short distance to Aldoak primary school.

“Have fun, girls, and be good.  I’ll have cookies and milk waiting for you, when you get back to the shop, or would you prefer a nice hot chocolate today?”

The girls looked at each other, grinned and in unison said, “Hot chocolate please.”

Holly left the girls at the school gate.  She watched as they skipped across the playground holding hands and waited for them to disappear from her sight, before turning and making her way back to the shop.

Second to Evie, the Cookie Coffee Shop was Holly’s pride and joy.  She had paid off the shop and two bedroom flat from the insurance money after Jack’s death.

Holly had met Jack one Christmas, she was 19 and he was 22.  Holly was staying at the B&B with her parents.  Her mother had grown up with Barbara Evans who owned the Bed and Breakfast and ran it together, with her husband Bob.  They were like sisters and inseparable when they were younger.  Every year, Holly and her parents would visit the quiet picturesque village of Aldoak, where they usually stayed until Boxing Day.

That particular year, Barbara and Bob had taken on Jack Walker.  He was a handsome young man who had turned up in the Spring with nothing but a rucksack and about £50 in his pocket. He became a bit of a handyman at the B&B. He was paid the minimum wage plus tips to start with.  He was given board on the premises for free on the understanding that he could be called on for emergencies at any time of the day or night.   Jack also helped out with odd jobs around the village.  If something needed fixing, Jack was the man to do it.


It was Christmas and there was a dusting of snow on the ground and there was a dance in the village hall.

Holly had caught Jack’s eye and he had shyly asked her to dance with him.  As the bells rang out at the stroke of midnight, on that first Christmas Eve, under the mistletoe, Jack had placed a kiss on Holly’s lips and it changed both of their lives forever.

That soft, delicate kiss was all Holly needed.  She wanted to stay in Aldoak and be near Jack.  Holly returned to the sleepy little village after the New Year celebrations.

She had convinced Barbara and Bob to give her a job in the B&B, waitressing and helping on reception.  When she wasn’t working at the B&B, she helped out for a few hours when needed in Betty’s, the coffee shop, which was just a few minutes’ walk from the bed and breakfast.

Jack proposed to Holly on Valentine’s day and a year after they had met, on Christmas Eve, in a ceremony in the village church, Holly became Jack’s wife.




When Betty Gardener, the owner of the Coffee Shop, fell ill, her husband Norman asked Holly to run the shop so he could look after Betty.  It was the push Betty and Norman had needed to consider their retirement.

Jack knew how much Holly loved to bake and to miss an opportunity to own the Cookie Coffee Shop and build themselves a future together, was a chance they had to grab, while they could.

From an early age, Holly would arrive in Aldoak with her parents for the festivities. They would drop their bags in their room at the B&B and she would insist they go to Betty’s for a hot chocolate and a freshly baked cookie. Triple chocolate chip was her favourite.

When you walked into the shop, not only were you greeted by Betty’s welcoming smile, but also the aroma of freshly baked cookies. Holly would walk in, inhale deeply, letting the scent tickle her nose before taking a seat in the window.

There was a time when a nine year old Holly and her parents had drove to Aldoak for the weekend, so they could attend the Christmas fair and tree lighting event. When looking from her window at the B&B, she could see how Christmas transformed the picturesque village into something magical. It was as if you were looking at a moving holographic Christmas card.

She had stumbled into Betty’s to get a box of her Christmas cookies, only to find Betty on her own and rushed off her feet. Holly had asked Betty where her shop assistant, Marie, was, to be told that she had sprained her ankle and was unable to work. Holly had jumped at the chance to help. It took quite a bit of begging, but eventually, Betty had given in. She had made Holly go back to the B&B to check that it was alright with her parents.

She had rushed back, eager to help and hopefully have a few cookie samples. She’d never had so much fun! All the customers loved having the charming young lady, full of determination to do everything right and to please Betty. She wrote down the orders carefully in her notebook.

She cleared the tables and found, all had left her their change as a tip. One generous customer had given her a five pound tip and told her she was the best waitress in all of Aldoak. Holly was ecstatic and it showed in the permanent grin plastered across her face.

Betty couldn’t thank her enough. She’d given Holly twenty pounds from the till and a box of Christmas cookies as a thank you.

Betty had walked Holly back to the B&B as it had got quite dark. Holly had excitedly told her parents about her day. She’d shown them all her tips, which she wanted to save for a rainy day and how she wanted to work at Betty’s when she was older.

Every time after that, whenever Holly was in Aldoak she would help Betty with making the cookies. She needed to know the secret. Betty told her plenty of laughter and love, makes the perfect cookie.


Betty and Norman offered Sam and Holly quite a reasonable discount, they had enjoyed their lives there, but now wanted to explore what was outside of Aldoak.

Holly and Jack moved into the flat, making a few alterations and building a home for themselves. Betty had left Holly a few of her recipes, plus she also had some of her own that she was dying to try out. Little did Jack know, he was going to be chief taster.

They changed the name ‘Betty’s’ to ‘The Cookie Coffee Shop’. They’d spent may evenings preparing the different cookie dough’s together. It was hard at first, some people were reluctant to change. After a sampling night of old and new flavoured cookies with free coffees, business soon picked up.

Holly, after two years was happy and to make their lives complete, she was in the family way. Jack couldn’t have been happier. Their family was complete. On Christmas Eve, Evie was born. She was the best Christmas present anyone could have wished for.

Unfortunately their happiness was not meant to be. Jack was helping fix the rook of the pub at the end of the square. He missed his footing on the ladder and fell. Upon landing, he had hit his head.

After spending weeks in the hospital with Holly by his side, Jack had lost his battle. Now Holly had to juggle with taking care of their little angel on her own and keep her dream of running the shop, alive. It was a challenge she accepted wholeheartedly. She had to. She had made a promise to Jack, before he closed his eyes for the last time.

No Time Like the Present(s)

March has almost left us for another year and April is rolling in.  What am I thinking about? Christmas presents. Don’t judge me, hear me out first.

My BFF, Sally Holtham, came up with an idea this year, as we seem to have Christmas presents coming out of our ears from each other (not that I mind), this year should be a little different.  Using the word CHRISTMAS, each letter represents a Christmas present for each other.  This is still nine presents each but it’s a little bit better than the 20+ that we tend to buy for each other.

I can’t help it, I like to spoil people, especially at Christmas.

So with the word, we have decided on different categories.  We will have the same categories, but what we decide to do with those is completely our choice.

So here goes, what we have come up with.  I wont give away too much as I know she will be prying to see if I slip up and tell a secret.

C = Cats
We are both crazy cat ladies, so this pretty much is already in the bag.

H = Homemade
For those of you who know me, this will be a challenge for me all on it’s own.  I write.  I inspire people (or so I am told). Ok, I do bake, but so does she.  I also work extremely long hours in my day job, which is another reason for starting to prepare things now.  I do however, have come up with a few ideas which I will try my hand at.  Will attempt a few practice runs first.  Watch this space!

R = Romantic
No, no romantic gestures to each other.  We are both hopeless romantics.  We love a good romance film or to dive right into a romance novel.  The choice is wide open and something I am looking forward to indulging in a bit more.

I = Inspirational
Funny how I am meant to inspire others, but when it comes to something like this, I am left with a great blank page.  Please feel free to drop me some advice that I may be able to use with this one.

S = Sweets
So this is the first of the S’s in the word Christmas.  Considering we are both complete chocoholics, it is obvious that chocolate sweets will be there somewhere.  You cannot have Christmas with something sweet to nibble on, especially if you are watching a romance film ;o)

T = Travel
OK. I came up with this idea.  Why? I do not know.  Shoot me now!  This one was always going to be a little more challenging.  Again, I am open to suggestions on this one.  I sort of have a slight idea, whirling around in the mist of my mind, but it is the planning it out that may take tome time.

M = Memorable
This believe it or not, is already in the bag.  And to make it even more memorable it is definitely something that we can both do together, so yes, I had to get myself the same thing so some of the memories we can do together.

A = Assortment
I know.  Not very imaginative, but we both have an Amazon wishlist, so with this one, we can choose something that we both know each other wants.  We were both struggling with the A of this word, but were both pleased with the final answer.

S = Stationery
This was the obvious answer.  We both have an addiction to notebooks and pens of sort.  There was no way we could have Christmas without new stationery, and that leaves it wide open for the both of us.

So there you have it.  This is our Christmas challenge to each other and believe it or not, even the planning is a lot of fun.  Just over eight months until the big day, which we will have our Christmas on 29th November in York.  We will have a lovely lunch and we will be allowed to open only one of the presents.  We may have to actually start with the first letter C.

Come back after Christmas 2017 and I will show you what I got from Sally.

Valentine’s Competition

OK, so I have taken a little stand for art of romance.  Over on my twitter page, I have decided to run a little competition.  Win a signed copy of my short story “One Last Dance” with a mystery prize, with the theme of love.competition

If you follow me on Twitter, you can enter.  You will find me at @SharonSAtkinson.

Good luck and Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

A Weekend Writing Challenge

A dear friend of mine, wanted to set a writing challenge for the both of us to do.  We had to select a book at random (within the room).  Find either a novel or a short story, copy down the last sentence and use this as the first line of your (my) new story.  Up to 500 words.

I chose one of the books I got for Christmas, called ‘The Christmas Guest by Daisy Bell’.


And I might be imagining it, but I’m sure that in reply I see the flicker of a smile in those yellow-green eyes.

Lisa was my best friend and we had made a pact.  We loved the film Thelma and Louise and loved the idea of the freedom that they shared. A chance to be our own person and answer to no-one.

We had been saving for what seemed like forever and it was now our time to be free and explore the whole of America.  I thought at first, she had doubts about leaving, but once I asked her, the glint in her eyes was unmistakable.  Lisa was ready and willing.

We packed our bags, not much, just some clothes and the bare essentials.  Anything else we would need, we can get on the road.

We were heading to Vegas.  Well, that was to be our first stop.  Win a little extra cash on the slots and have a little fun.  Actually, have a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, there was an underlying reason for our journey.

Originally we were going to be the new Thelma and Louise, but then Lisa was diagnosed with Leukemia.  So our intention, or rather mine, was to see as much as we can in the short time we still had together.

Our trip of a lifetime, her bucket list complete in one.

Our first Stop in Vegas, The Venetian.  Check into our suite and take a ride on a gondola.


Hidden Treasures

On Saturday (14th January), I met up with my work colleague (and friend) for my belated birthday treat to her.

We met at Marble Arch tube station and decided to walk through Hyde Park to get to where we were meant to be going, sparkling afternoon tea in a lovely hotel.  There was certainly a chill in the air, my cheeks were rosy red and cold to the touch, but that aside, it was quite a beautiful day.

Squirrels were jumping around in the fallen leaves, searching for some nuts/food they had already buried and they were be quite brave, coming up pretty close to the people who were out for a walk.  The obviously assumed the humans had more food for them.  Crafty little things!

My friend and I were too busy chatting away and watching the squirrels and soaking up the scenery to realise we were veering off track, so leaving Hyde Park by one of the side gates along side of one of the gate-keeper houses, we were back on the main road and heading in the right direction.

Something caught my eye as we were walking. Very old tiny gravestones.  Upon getting a closer look, well as close as possible with an iron fence between us.  They were the gravestones of loved, departed pets.  The pet cemetery itself was only small, but you could read some of the names, unfortunately most of them were worn with age.  I never knew it was there, but it was so lovely to see and makes me feel glad that I am not the only one who is mad about their pet, who rightly are a member of the family.

We had almost reached our destination and just as we were about to cross the road, out of the corner of my eye, fountains and ponds jumped into my view.

Upon taking a closer look there were ducks happily swimming around and actually following each other across the ponds.  Now obviously I have hear of Kensington Gardens, but I had no idea we had actually walked there via Hyde Park.  It was a vision of beauty.

If you’re out and about for some reason, look out for the hidden treasures that you may have taken for granted on your journeys.  Drink it up.

Remember, always have something to record it, be it a phone with a camera or even a camera on its own.  You wont be disappointed when you look back and show others what you have seen.